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Debate Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

Debate Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy Nowadays, the development of technologies and science takes one of the most significant positions. Scientists can present numerous innovations, which may considerably improve people’s lives, help to find out the solutions and even to make the right choice. Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nowadays, numerous background checks and fingerprinting are improved by means of science, and people get more opportunities to find out more information about each other. Fingerprint identification is considered to be an accurate science, accepted by numerous state courts. Lots of civilians think that fingerprinting and background checks are all about invasion of privacy. I truly believe that such sciences like fingerprinting and background checks help to control society and establish justice, and in spite of the fac t that people’s identification and investigation deprive lots of people of personal life, privacy, and secrets, the idea to live in disorder frightens me more. Fingerprinting and background checks help to control society and provide the necessary order. If there is no means to control a person or, at least, to give some hints, this person can take unpredictable steps against the law. The value of fingerprinting lies in the fact that by means of such investigations, it is easier and more accurate to find out a criminal. â€Å"Through the use of computers, fingerprints lifted from crime scenes, weapons, and other objects can be matched to a particular individual’s fingerprints in a matter of minutes† (Hall, 2008, p. 429). This is why within a short period of time, it is quite possible to find out a real criminal and assume the necessary measure. With the help of background checks and fingerprinting, it becomes a bit easier to obtain justice. Very often, innocent people may be blamed for something they did not do. A profound background check may help to focus on person’s past and evaluate his/her actions in the present. People cannot avoid mistakes, however, their mistakes should be grounded on their past experience, this is why such reliable techniques like background checks can be quite useful to those, who is looking for justice.Advertising Looking for research paper on homeland security? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the above-mentioned techniques deprive people from one simple issue – their privacy. It becomes not very difficult to organize a background check and find out some personal information that should be secret. People can be found anywhere; the presence of people in any place may be identified by means of fingerprinting. Is it fair to deprive people from their personal life by means of background checks? To my mind, it is not fair. Thi s is why it is crucially important to have an access to such techniques only in the extreme cases, when the question or blame has strong grounds. According to the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, people have a kind of protection from government authorities. This is why no one has the right to worm into other person’s life without clear reasons. Fingerprinting and background checks cannot be considered as invasion of privacy, but on the contrary, as one more means in order to make this life safe and law-abiding. With the help of such techniques, it is possible to clear up who is a real criminal and who is a victim. Fingerprinting and background checks are really useful, however, not everyone should have an access to these technologies in order to control people’s existence somehow. Reference List Hall, D. E. (2008). Criminal Law and Procedure. Delmar: Cengage Learning.

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20th century poetry Essay Example for Free

20th century poetry Essay ? We have been giving to 20th century poems to examine. They are â€Å"Evans† by R. S Thomas and â€Å"Death in Leamington† by Sir John Betjeman. Both poems are about death, but in two very different situations. I will examine the poem Evans first of all. Evans was written by a man called R. S Thomas. He lived from 1913-2000. he was born in Cardiff. He became a clergyman and taught himself welsh so he could work with the people in the hills, because not many of them spoke English at this time. Evans is a 20th Century poem. The poem begins as if the writer is talking to somebody else. It looks like the other person has asked him something like, â€Å"Do you remember a man Evans? † and the writer replies, â€Å"yes, many a time. † The first verse of the poem describes Evans’ house. It talks about the â€Å"bare† stairs and the â€Å"gaunt† kitchen. We can depict from the first verse that Evans was a poor man, his house is not at all well furbished, and he doesn’t have much to his name. Everything that Evans owns has a dull, dreary adjective attached to it, like stark farm and black kettle. His kitchen must be filthy because crickets can be heard. The last line of this verse tells us that he lives on a lone farm upon a hill. From this verse we have found out that this man is poor, lonely and doesn’t really care much about what his house looks like. The 2nd verse tells us that something appals the speaker. He says that it isn’t the darkness around him, which seems to fill his mouth and that it isn’t the tree that the rain drips off. I think the tree is symbolism, because the speaker says, â€Å"of rain like blood form that one tree, weather tortured. † I think he is really describing Evans appearance. The speaker says that it’s the veins of Evans. He sees darkness in them, and that it is â€Å"silting† them. Silt is the thick sandy substance at the bottom of rivers. I think it means that the darkness is trapped in Evans’ veins and that it is slowly killing him. The writer says, â€Å"I left stranded upon the vast and lonely shore of his bleak bed. † The writer believes that he has failed is his job, which is to comfort the sick if they are going to die. The writer feels that he is inadequate and that he hasn’t done what he wanted to. Again we see another dreary adjective attached to one of Evans possessions, his bleak bed. The word lonely is used again here. The writer wants to get the point across that Evans has no one, no family or friends to comfort him, that is why the writer feels so bad that he cant do this for him. This poem is about the bad way to die, all on your own and no one to comfort you. The next poem, Death in Leamington, is about the other way to pass on. Death in Leamington was written by Sir John Betjeman. Poets of his day liked to write poems making fun of the middle class people. The first verse tells us that someone has died, and that it is a woman. It has happened in the late evening. She has died in her bedroom. The room has a plate glass window, which means this place wherever she was staying must has been pretty well off. The second verse gives us a little more insight to the woman. She owned a crochet, which means she must have been quite old. It lay beside her bed, which means she can’t have been too old because she was still able to walk. Again the writer tells us that she is dead. 20th century poetry. (2017, Oct 29).

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Evaluate Porter's concept of the 'Diamond' as a tool for analysing the Essay

Evaluate Porter's concept of the 'Diamond' as a tool for analysing the competitive advantage of nations, assessing its theoretic - Essay Example Moreover, America succeeded in getting the UN permission in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan as part of war on terror strategies. America was able to convince United Nations on all these issues because of their superior competitive power. Globalization has intensified the competition between nations and organizations because of the huge opportunities available in the international market at present. Competitive power of a nation or organization depends on many parameters. Former Harvard university professor Michael Porter and his associates have identified four different parameters for achieving competitive power which is known as Porter’s diamond model for national competitive advantage. â€Å"Porter's diamond model suggests that there are inherent reasons why some nations, and industries within nations, are more competitive than others on a global scale† (What is Michael Porter's Diamond Model?, 2010). Porter identified; Firm strategy, structure and rivalry, supporting industries, demand and factor conditions as the four major parameters which can affect the competitive power of a nation or a firm (Diamond model-Michael Porter, 2011). He was able to put all these parameters in a diamond shape as illustrated in the diagram given below. This paper analyses various features of diamond model and its role in achieving competitive power. Porter’s Diamond model for national competitive advantage (Martin & Porter, 2000) Strategy, Structure and Rivalry Strategies can make or break a nation. Poor strategies will never help a nation in increasing their competitive power whereas better strategies always helpful increasing the growth or competitive power of a nation. For example, when globalization initially entered the global arena, China distanced themselves from it because of their concerns about some hidden agenda at the back drop of globalization by capitalist countries. China and America were engaged in fierce rivalry before the introduction of gl obalization because of the different political ideologies prevailing in these countries. Most of the American and Chinese strategies before globalization were aimed at destabilization or destruction of their opponent. However, globalization forced them to change their strategies and currently America is one of the largest trading partners of China. Both China and America succeeded in increasing their competitive power in global market because of the changes they implemented in their strategies even though the political system and rivalry remains the same. India is another country which succeeded in achieving better competing power as a result of changes in strategies. In 1990’s India made lot of reformations in the economic circle in order to attract more foreign direct investment. They have made some changes in their foreign polices also in order to gain more competitive power in the global market. Earlier, India was more polarised towards former Soviet Union in strategic an d military cooperation. But India changed their strategies immediately after the destruction of Soviet Union and they established closer ties with Untied States in order to gain more competitive power. India has realized that the political structure in India and America are almost the same and it is easy for them to establish smooth business relationships with America. Thus America became a prominent trade partner for India at present.

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Identity of Interpersonal relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Identity of Interpersonal relationships - Essay Example Identity and perception for example manifest themselves through social interactions with others. Through such interactions, people share ideas and exchange views on varying topical issues in a society. The interactions thus portray the uniqueness of the values of an individual all of which portray both their identities and perceptions about the topical issues. Talk and interpersonal relationships on the other hand are the basis of social interactions. The success of such interactions relies on the uniqueness of an individual and their ability to hold effective social interactions through talk. Humans are social beings who rely on social interactions and talk to create reliable interpersonal relationships. People create new interpersonal relationships on a daily basis. Some of such relationships persist while others die. The survival of the interpersonal relationships relies on the identities and perceptions of the respective individuals in the relationships. As explained earlier, identity refers to the uniqueness of every individual. People therefore form interpersonal relationships depending on their ability to share similar values. The ability to share similar values on the other hand arises from the similarity of the identity of the people. Every profession requires effective personalities and the ability to form successful interpersonal relationships. A journalist for example is a social individual capable of interacting with different people appropriately. A journalist should create effective and reliable relationship with other journalists from other institutions. This way, another journalist would readily share information about news events thereby helping one obtain scoops where possible. Such relationships are forms of friendships that rely on the ability of an individual to share social values with the friend. Additionally, a journalist interviews varied news sources on a daily basis. The

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Hip Hop And Rap :: essays research papers

The most widely accepted definition of rap music is spoken words with a rhythm of bass, drums, and keyboard sounds. The words are spoken over the music and the accents and emphasis on words is important. Hip Hop is defined as the accompanying background music but is often used as a synonym to rap music. In this paper I will show how rap got its start and evolved into the culture we know today as hip hop. Influences on rap music started as early as the 1940’s when Rhythm & Blues and Jazz included many of the elements that make up rap music. Rap music became its own genre of music in the 1970’s when DJ’s from New York, such as DJ Lovebug, DJ Cool Herc and DJ Hollywood, began manipulating, and scratching, records to make rhythms, beats, and other sounds. As this took place the rapper would speak over the music using rhymes. The rapper would use emphasis and accents with their lyrics. In 1979 the Sugar Hill Gang marketed the first rap single with their hit â€Å"Rapper’s Delight†. This forced the world to acknowledge that rap was a force in the music industry. In 1982, with the release of the single â€Å"The Message† by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, rap music took on a new purpose. The song stated the hardships of living in the â€Å"ghetto† of New York as is shown in the chorus of the song. â€Å"Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to loose my head, It’s like a jungle sometimes, It makes me wonder, How I keep from going under.† In 1986 sampling was developed. Rap artists would use beats, rhythms, background music, and sometimes exact lyrics from previously recorded songs and incorporate them into their recordings. They often used a machine, known as a sampler, to replicate the existing sounds and tracks. Sampling led to problems, however. Musicians whose music was used in other songs saw no profit from the sampling. This led to many lawsuits. Also, fans felt betrayed that the rappers didn’t come up with their own music as they had in the earlier days of rap. Considered the â€Å"Fathers of Hip Hop†, Run DMC pioneered rap music in the 1980’s. The group consisted of three men. Joseph Simmons (Run), Darrly McDaniels (DMC), and Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay) made up the most influential rap group of all time.

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Human Resource Information Systems Essay

1. â€Å"Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs.† Retaining and acquiring talent with high qualities is crucial to an organization’s success. â€Å"As the economy and job market heats up, so has the market for corporate recruiting and recruiting service and consultants† (Bersin, 2013). Therefore, the labor force becomes more competitive and available skills become more diverse, HR professionals need to be more selective when choosing the right candidate. Poor decisions made by recruiters can result into negative effects for the company. Another thing that can impact an organization as well as an employee’s morale is high training and development cost. For this reason alone, many companies have turned to e-Recruiting. â€Å"Online recruiting involves less human interaction, reaches a much broader audience, files records electronically, and provides select ion tools electronically† (Friend, 2014). Companies can conduct everything online while spending less money sending all employees to a training session or meeting off-site. Just by conducting meetings, training, etc. online saves the company a lot of money. For example, new hires really make up the majority of the cost because they need to be trained in every aspect of the job they are taking on. Also, training occurs with other employees besides new hires when a new product or service surfaces within the company. All employees need to learn about the new products or services in order to promote them to their clients. Online recruiting comes in handy since it’s a real money saver by having employees do everything online via internet instead of meeting each time for different things. Online recruiting is not only cost effective but it’s quick and easy to do. HR professionals can posts job postings anywhere there is an internet  connection and receive responses just as quickly. Online recruiting can become very convenient. 2. â€Å"Recommend four (4) strategies to mitigate the unintended consequences associated with e-Recruiting.† Four strategies to mitigate the unintended consequences associated with e-Recruiting include: Ensuring consistent high customer satisfaction online and maintaining consistent high service When e-recruiting, recruit and select applicants who appear to have out-going personalities that fit within the organizational culture This can be determined from likes/dislikes Express that training and incentives will be provided in order to encourage loyalty, motivation, and focus on doing whatever it may be to meet the needs of the customer, and create Create a consistent set of HR practices that work together to create a culture of customer service. A strategy is not always planned and HR professionals usually have to adopt this strategic plan. Maintaining excellent service and high customer satisfaction is a good look for the company. Also, it’s a great strategy to have to meet all the needs of the customers to ensure their returned business and for them to spread the good comments about the company to their family, friends, and co-workers. The last strategy to mitigate the unintended consequences is for HR to get their practices to work together for the good of the company. HR needs to put a process in place that will be successful and beneficial to the employees and the company. 3. â€Å"Propose one (1) approach in which online recruitment can help ensure the employee’s psychological contracts are fulfilled.† According to Kavanagh, Thite, & Johnson (2012), psychological contract fulfillment, employee satisfaction, and retention rates are three other important goals of the recruitment process. The employees’ beliefs about the obligations and promises between them and their companies are what the psychological contract refers to. It’s going to be important to explore the extent to which online recruitment can help ensure that employees’ psychological contracts are fulfilled. Information that is collected and distributed during the recruitment process shapes the expectancy that leads to psychological contract fulfillment, which directly affects employee satisfaction and retention rates. The numerous expectations that shape the psychological contract include the work role, such as job performance; social relations, such as co-w orker and customer interactions; economic  rewards (raises, monetary incentives), and company culture. According to Heneman and Judge (2006), one approach to use to ensure psychological contracts are filled is a realistic recruitment message. 4. â€Å"Suggest three (3) strategies you would use to attract high-quality candidates and members of diverse groups using an e-Recruitment approach.† One strategy to use to attract candidates would be through social media. Examples of social media would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even email such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google, etc. Today’s world is very technical savvy and most people now use the internet for everything, these medias would be perfect for announcing job vacancies and announcements. For example, when I used to work for State Farm I made a Facebook page for the company and promoted different products and services that we offered. Another strategy I would use is at the end of applicants completing their work history, etc. before submitting to the job, a series of detailed questions would be asked that relates to specific job in which they are applying for such as years of experience performing that particular job, and skill competencies, etc., this would eliminate applicants that don’t have the necessary experience and skills and alleviate unwanted applications. One last strategy I would use to determine diverse groups is have the applicant fill out an optional survey informing of their race, gender, etc. The survey if completed or not would not have an impact on whether or not the applicant is interviewed and the applicant would also be informed of this as well. This would only be for survey purpose that will allow the organization to see if and how many people from diverse backgrounds are applying. 5. â€Å"Take a stand on whether or not the attributes of a Website (attractiveness, quality, and ease of use) would affect your motivation to apply for a job at that company. Justify your position with specific examples from two (2) business Websites that you are familiar with.† In my opinion, I find that when applying for positions the company’s attractive quality and ease of use website is very important. This lets me know that the company takes pride in their name and what to make an impression on the candidates that are applying. Even though they are the ones that are hiring, they need employees to work as well as a candidate needs a job. The first impression is a lasting impression, and if I’m impressed with the Website then chances are I’m going to be impressed with the company and would want to work for them. Two websites that I’m  familiar with are and I used these two websites frequently because they always have up to date posts on their websites every day and have a variety of positions available. Both sites are colorful, and allow you to type in key words related to the job of interest along with the city and state. Next, it will display jobs related to the key words that are entered. The jobs that are displayed list the job title, company name, and a brief description of the job that includes the range in job salary, for some. Both search engines are easy to navigate, the content of the information is relevant to what I’m looking for. Also, usability is a plus, because they both allow you to receive job alerts, creat user accounts, and answer frequently asked questions. 6. â€Å"Propose four (4) security controls you would put into place to prevent unauthorized access to data and unauthorized disclosure of data when using e-Recruiting systems.† One security control I would use is each applicant would have to set up their own personal username and access code. This should ease the mind of the applicant, because this is information that only the applicant would use and have access to. Next, I would design a security control that is time sensitive and require the user to sign back in if the computer is idled for a certain amount of it the user spends too much time in one area without moving on to the next area. Third, I would use an online security system that would prevent hackers and unauthorized access to applicant’s information. â€Å"The last security control that I might put in place would be some type of software where you have to answer personal related questions about your past that only that specific person would know† (Zeidner, 2007). For example, a multiple choice question might pop up and ask which of the following are related to you and the employee that is trying to gain access would have to answer the question correctly. According to Kavanagh et al, I would develop privacy protection policies that (1) restrict access to data, (2) restrict disclosure of data, and (3) ensure that only job-relevant data are collected for decision-making purposes. Everyone has to be careful nowadays, because hacking into computers is just as easy as breaking into a house nowadays. References Bersin, J. (2013, May 23). Corporate Recruiting Explodes: A New Breed of Service Provders. Retrieved from Forbes: Friend, L. (2014). Advantages of Online Recruiting. Retrieved from Chron: Heneman, H.G., & Judge, T. A. (2006). Staffing Organizations (5th ed). Boston: McGraw Hill (nd). Introduction to Online Recruitment. HRM: Guide Human Resource Management. Retrieved from: Kavanagh, M. J., Thite, M., & Johnson, R. D. (2012). Human Resource Information Systems (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. Zeidner, R. (2007, December 1). HR Magazine: Making Online Recruiting More Secure. Retrieved from SHRM:

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Warrior Ethos in The Tale of Sohrab and The Epic of Gilgamesh - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1027 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/07/29 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Gilgamesh Essay Did you like this example? In the tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam and epics of Gilgamesh, heroes Rostam and Gilgamesh have a passion to deal with the death of the most loved ones in their lives. Rostam loses his son, Sohrab, whom he murdered in the battlefield whereas Gilgamesh loses his colleague, Enkidu in the epic. Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk, he is a one-third man and two-thirds god, very strong and wise. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Warrior Ethos in The Tale of Sohrab and The Epic of Gilgamesh" essay for you Create order Even though Gilgamesh is godly, he starts his kingship as a brutal tyrant. He completes his magnificent building projects in the city by oppressing people through hard labor, he also rapes any woman who impresses his imagination. People pray the gods in order to be delivered from such menace. The gods hear their cries creates a wild animal and Enkidu to challenge Gilgamesh. Enkidu lives with animals and grazes on their pasture and drinks water at their watering places, and even suckles their breasts. A hunter spots Enkidu and sends a prostitute to tame him in the wilderness. The people consider women in making wild men such as Enkidu domesticated and bring them in the civilized world. Therefore, Harlot teaches Enkidu everything he needs to be a man. Finally, he gets introduced into human life and becomes a night watchman in the city of Uruk. Enkidu is disturbed by what he hears about the Gilgameshs treatment to wedding brides. He decides to challenge Gilgamesh at the wedding. Gilgamesh forces his way to brides chamber, Enkidu steps on the doorway and intercept Gilgamesh entrance into the chamber. They fight for a long time Gilgamesh emerging the winner of the battle. Enkidu acknowledges Gilgameshs superiority and they become allies hence start having adventures together. They decide to go to cedar forest to steal trees beside it beingnevertheless forbidden for mortals. They come across a forest giant which is devoted to guarding the forest, Enlil. They fight the monster and with the help of Shamash, god of the sun they kill the giant, Humbaba. The men cut down the trees and use them to fashion humongous gate for the forest and the rest of the trees design a raft which they float on it back to Uruk. At Uruk the goddess of love, Ishtar, approaches Gilgamesh because lust has overcome her, unfortunately, Gilgamesh rejects her because of the previous mistreatment of his lovers. Ishtar becomes furious and asks her father, Anu, to request the skys god to send Heavens Bull to strike Gilgamesh. The bull comes down from the sky bringing seven years of devastation in Uruk. Enkidu and Gilgamesh wrestle the bull and slays it. After winning the battle, the gods of the sky have a council meeting and agree that one of the two allies must suffer punishment for their transgression. Consequently, Enkidu is chosen to face death. He shares his dreams of the underworld with Gilgamesh and after ten days he dies. His death heartbreaks Gilgamesh for his entire life. As a result, he continuously mourns for Enkidu along with seeking prospect about his own death. He further exchanges his kingly robes for wild animal skin as a sign of grieving Enkidu. In the Sohrab and Rostam tragedy, the scene starts when the army of Persians and Tartars are encamped along Oxus River waiting to witness a great fight between them. Sohrab, a youthful hero in Tartars army, early morning he leaves his bed and makes his solidarity way to Persian-Wisa. Commander of the Tartar army wishes to have an uncommon favor from the commander. He wants to challenge the leader from the Persians army with intention of seeking his father, Rostum, who he has never seen. Sohrab is discontented and restless to have the opportunity to engage in the duel. The battle day comes and the armies are on the ground ready to fight. Tartars and Persians armies are waiting for instructions from their respective commanders, Peran-Wisa comes in front of armies and says, instead of war there will be a duel, whereby, the last man standing in the duel will have a victory from the respective army. Gudurz, an official in the Persian camp hears that statement and urges Rostum to engage in the duel since he is the oldest and mightiest warrior in the camp. Rostum turns down the request because he considers himself old to face young warrior, Sohrab. Instead, he suggests that king Kae Kau should fight. Gudurz criticizes Rostums words and responds with statements which triggers Rostum spirit hence paving his way to the battlefield. Sohrab and Rostum make their way on the battlefield, they wrestle against each other although Sohrab is suspicious that he may be fighting against his father, Rostum lacks the same perception Sohrab had when combating. In the combat Rostum fatally stubs Sohrab. While Sohrab is laying down, he recalls the love of his father is the one which has brought him in the battle. Rostum finally realizes that he was fighting against his son when he sees his bracelet on Sohrab arm, which he had given Tahmina a long time ago to put to their child after their marriage. Tahmina hoped that the bracelet could protect him during the war. In conclusion, the ethics of war and harmony in Gilgamesh epic and Shahnameh portrays humbleness in supreme beings. Gilgamesh epic, the giant restraints from own greediness and arrogance and inflicting misery on others he portrays his humbleness and sorrow when he exchanges his kingly garments for wild animals skin as a reason of mourning Enkidu. On tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam, the Sohrabs father- Rostam cries bitterly after realizing that he had killed his son. The psychosomatic reactions of war and sorrow dont take part in the real world; hence such reactions should be acquiesced to reasoning and violence repression to keep in check. Works cited Colarusso, John, and Tamirlan Salbiev, eds. Tales of the Narts: Ancient Myths and Legends of the Ossetians. Princeton University Press, 2016. Cross, Cameron. If Death is Just, what is Injustice? Illicit Rage in Rostam and Sohrab and The Knights Tale. Iranian Studies 48.3 (2015): 395-422. George, Andrew, ed. The epic of Gilgamesh: the Babylonian epic poem and other texts in Akkadian and Sumerian. Penguin, 2002.